“Five Favorite” is a feature on thewasofshall where I lay out my five favorite “x”. Sometimes they’re relevant to a season or holiday, mostly they’re not. It’s an all-around fun excuse to give my 100% amazingly awesome opinion. To see previous topics, click here.

What makes someone mute? Well, a lot of things. They could actually be mute, having never been born with or lost their ability to speak, or they could have chosen a vow of silence. (And it could be a literal muteness or a figurative one, too.) Regardless of the reason, here are my five four* favorite.

*(Because I’m only including four, here are two more mute narrators that I’ve heard so much about but have never read: Chris from Lock In by John Scalzi and Jean-Dominique from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death by Jean-Dominique Bauby.)

Have your own five favorite mute narrators? Let me know!

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