Aloha, 2019!

I love when other bloggers post their goals because I find it fun to see what they choose to prioritize (and whether I should prioritize that stuff, too!). I have tried to make yearly goals before, but I either dictate my reading life too formally (have y’all seen how I kind of fail my quarterly tbr posts yet??) or else don’t have a good plan of attack (um “read more”? what is that). For 2019, however, I have both goals and a way to reach them. I want to:

  • Read 39 books
    • focusing slightly on finishing any series I currently have in progress
    • and prioritizing past-due NetGalley titles to bump me up to 80% approval (currently at 48%)
  • Post 2-3 times per week on this blog and average 100 views per month (currently at 75)
  • Post 3 videos per month on YouTube and reach 50 subscribers by the end of the year (currently at 15)

For instance, reading at least 210 minutes per week won’t guarantee that I’ll finish 39 books by the end of 2019, but it’s a habit that I both enjoy and that will keep me reading. I also can’t guarantee that I’ll average a certain number of views or reach a certain number of subscribers, but planning ahead and sticking to a consistent posting schedule won’t hurt, either. I also plan to count statistics for the first time because I love what SocialBlade offers and want that kind of info for both WordPress and Bloglovin’. (Like, I can’t even guess at a goal for subscribers because I have no idea how many I gain per month. 👎)

So… that’s it! What are your goals for 2019?


2 thoughts on “2019 Blogging Goals

  1. Good luck with all your goals for 2019! I’m sure you’ll hit your subscriber targets. You’ve reminded me that I need to create some aims of my own (like a blogging schedule…!)


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