Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme was books I’ve read that I’d like in my personal library.

I am very, very particular about what books I will purchase from an actual store for full price, not only because I work in a library and have access to pretty much any book I want to read but also because what if I hate it? after spending all that money?? So I mostly buy titles that I’ve already read and loved or else know that I’m going to love. Below are a mix between the two!

Check, Please! is, hands down, my favorite web-comic. (Ever.) I would love to own the Kickstarter editions, but I’m happy to have found book one, #Hockey, in-stores—and, let’s be real, I’m definitely gonna buy Sticks and Scones when it publishes next year, too.

I loved If I’m Being Honest so much that I pre-ordered the hardcover after racing through the arc. I keep looking for Always Never Yours, but I want it in hardcover so I haven’t purchased it yet. Depending on how much I adore Time of Our Lives, I’ll probably put that on the list, too! (Also won’t all three just look divine on the shelf together??)

I had a 10% off coupon at Barnes & Noble and they had exactly one copy of both The Shadow Cipher and The Clockwork Ghost so you know I just had to buy them. Once The Map of Stars is published, that’s coming home with me as well.

Technically, You Started It was so, so adorable that I wanted to support Lana Wood Johnson by purchasing the finished copy. The arc actually has much better quality paper, and the text messages are a much nicer color, though, so I haven’t passed along my arc copy just yet.

Have I read Shadow of Night or The Book of Life after absolutely loving A Discovery of Witches? Nope! Did that stop me from buying a copy of both of them as well as Time’s Convert? Also nope!

Full disclosure: I bought Hamilton: The Revolution when it was first published in 2016. I still haven’t read it yet. 🙊

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