Favorite Media

I read so many good books this month—including Waiting for Tom Hanks and Well Met—but, considering it was an impulse borrow the day it was released, Say You Still Love Me was my most favorite. K.A. Tucker basically gave us a cute af summer romance AND a hot af contempory AND a really well-plotted second-chance romance, and all three combined just punched me right in the feels. Like, seriously, give me all of her books because I need to know if this one was special or if every romance this woman writes is equally amazing.

So the thing about me playing Dan + Shay on repeat for weeks is that I kind of don’t even really like country music? But “Tequila” is so damn catchy that I always wondered who sang it every time it came on the radio. And I honestly enjoyed the album so much that now I’m sort of like “I guess I like country music”. 🤷‍♀️ I’ve been so, so lucky with music this year (see Wasteland, Baby! and Cuz I Love You), but I am happy to add another album to the list.

Stuff I Added to My Queue

I saw Blow written up in Kirkus and, although it sounds like your standard enemies-to-lovers rom-com fare, the line “he starts to reconsider his neighbor, who shares his hatred of wearing headphones” just made me laugh so much that I had to add it to my TBR.

The title of Blurred Lines is just so… icky, but the plot of two heterosexual roommates who try to navigate being best friends while also having (mindblowing) casual sex sounds… less so. 😉 (via Sara)

Even though We Are Lost and Found was pretty bland, it did make me want to read some narrative nonfiction on AIDS such as How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS so here we are.

The blurb of Look How Happy I’m Making You is “a candid, ultimately buoyant debut story collection about the realities of the ‘baby years,’ whether you’re having one or not” and okay yes please I am having one right now.

I’m not really a short story fan, but Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea just sounds so delightfully weird that I really want to read this collection.

And some arcs for which I was approved: Every Other Weekend, Get a Life, Chloe Brown, and Time of Our Lives!


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What were YOU up to in August? Let me know!

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