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Every month, I sit down and try to plan out my blogging month: which arcs do I need to read? When should I post a book’s review? How am I doing on my challenges? What can I do for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday post? Do I have any interesting ideas for a Five Friday post? Etc, etc.

The problem happens when I diligently plan out my month and then just… stop reading. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem except that I’m almost always finishing books and then writing reviews days before I post them. (Reading arcs in advance is one of my goals for 2020!) So, if I don’t read, I don’t have any content to post—which means my reading slump morphs into a blogging slump, too. 👎

The last book I read was Not the Girl You Marry, and I finished that more than two weeks ago. I know that a part of my current slump is from putting pressure on myself to read and review a book a week (which, tbh, I’ve decided not to do anymore 🙌), but it’s also that all the arcs for which I’ve been approved are contemporary romance, and I need a change of pace. It’s that arcs have been determining my reviews for months (and months…) and that I don’t not want to read them but that I also kind of want to read Supernova (and not think about writing a review) instead. It’s that somehow reading and reviewing arcs feels a little too much like work right now, and I don’t want this hobby to ever feel like a have to.

And, also, it’s that I’ve been occupying my free time with other stuff—tv and movies and social media and the gym and dating—and that doesn’t always leave enough time for reading. And that, when I get out of a daily reading habit, it’s really hard to get back into it.

Even though I know that literally everyone goes through reading and blogging slumps, it’s still nice when other bloggers talk about it (see Destiny and Jolien!). It reminds me that slumps are perfectly normal—it’s what you do about the slump that matters.

So tell me:

  • when you find yourself in a reading slump, what do you do to get out of it (if anything)?
  • if you’re a blogger, has a reading slump significantly impacted what kinds of content you post and with what frequency?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On: Reading Slumps

    1. Ooh, nice! I listen to a lot of podcasts, so I’ve always thought I’d enjoy nonfiction audiobooks, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’ve been reading a lot of romance books, though, so I’m crossing my fingers that this slump is on its way out!


  1. I am JUST NOW breaking out of a month long reading (and blogging) slump. I had to finally give myself permission to just STOP thinking about what I “should” be reading, and read what I want. And if that meant painting D&D minis or watching HSM:TM:TS on Disney+, well, so be it. About a week after I gave myself permission to just let go, someone sent me an ebook as a gift and I was excited to read and it and I DID – with no thoughts about all the egalleys I should be reading, or the Kindle Unlimited membership I’m paying for and need to read X number of books to make it “worth it.” Sometime I just need to remind myself that reading AND blogging are hobbies, and hobbies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, NOT WORK.

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