I’m excited to sign up for my second readathon of 2020: #StartOnYourShelfathon, hosted by CW at The Quiet Pond! My main goal is to read 15 books that I physically own in print form. (You can view all 120+ of them on Goodreads 🤦‍♀️.)

Readathon Mini-Goals

  • Read at least one book I added to my tbr between 2011 (when I joined GR) and 2020 (excluding 2013 because the only book I added to my tbr that year and own would be a re-read)
  • Finish at least one series
  • Read at least two nonfiction books
  • Read at least one “long” book (over 600 pages)

Top Five TBR

I make a lot of tbrs and then never follow them (because new books! are so shiny! and pretty!), so I’m not going to make one for this readathon. Instead, below are five books I definitely 100% should probably get around to reading this year.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness → I read this book in 2011 and loved it so much that I purchased the next two books in the series… and then never read them. Although Discovery will not count toward my #StartOnYourShelfathon reading goal, re-reading it so I can finish the series has been a goal of mine since probably 2016.
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote → a true-crime classic that I, a true-crime aficionado, still have not read
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace → my plan is to read this behemoth over a couple of months so I don’t get overwhelmed at its length or stressed out at how long it’s taking me
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern → has anyone actually read this and disliked it?
The Secret History by Donna Tartt → another book that comes up all the time in my blog circle and that I’m pretty sure that I’ll love

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