My Year in Reading: 2019 Recap

Hello, hello, hello! I've been in another hella reading slump, so what better time to look back on a pretty great year in lieu of posting reviews? Goals BooksRead 39 books ✔️ → see Goodreads ChallengeReach an 80% approval rating on NetGalley ❌→ I started the year at 48%, but only made it to 68%BloggingPost … Continue reading My Year in Reading: 2019 Recap

Thoughts On: Mood Reading

After reading Michelle's "How a Moody Reader Picks Her Books" and Alys's "How Being a Mood Reader Affects My Reading Experience," I thought to myself, "am I a *whispers* mood reader?" Because I never really thought I was at all. Before this past year, if I happen to not be into a book, oh well, … Continue reading Thoughts On: Mood Reading

Thoughts On: Backlist vs. Frontlist

back·list /ˈbakˌlist/ nouna publisher's list of older books still in print, as opposed to titles newly available (known as the frontlist) When I first started blogging, I almost exclusively read and reviewed backlist books (even if I didn't know that's what I was doing). I'm a very conservative book buyer, so everything I read had … Continue reading Thoughts On: Backlist vs. Frontlist