I made two goals in 2015: finish 41 books and check off all 24 challenges as part of Book Riot’s #ReadHarder campaign – and, well, I failed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (You can see my actual goals here – which include books I said I would read in 2015 as part of a Top Ten Tuesday post – but that’s not even worth mentioning because I read NONE of them.)

If you’re interested, here’s how my stats broke down:



I read 31 books, or  76% of my goal of 41.


Books I read:



Book Riot introduced their #ReadHarder challenge in 2015 and I loved the idea. It got me to actually think about what book I was reading, and, in some cases, gave me that extra nudge to read something that was already in my tbr pile. I went through all the challenges and made a list last December to help guide my reading… and then sometime during the summer, I kind of decided to bypass that list and start reading books just because I wanted to read them. So… I didn’t accomplish my specific goals, but I did read a lot of books that popped onto my radar in 2015 (HELLO MS. MARVEL) – and that’s just as good.

I read 16 books, or 67% of my goal of 24.


* Infographics thanks to Goodreads.

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