Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme was unpopular bookish opinions.

Some things I love…

♥ I love interconnected stories where secondary and tertiary characters are named and potentially get their own narrative arc. I’m always like, “ooh, I know you!”
♥ I use Goodreads all the time, for so many different things, and I have yet to find a replacement. It’s my ride-or-die book site.
♥ My love for ebooks has steadily grown the more eARCs I read. It’s so easy to highlight and search, and being able to lounge in bed and literally only lift a finger to turn a page is amazing.

…and some that I don’t.

✖️I hate getting books as gifts. What if I’ve read it and didn’t like it? Or haven’t read it and don’t want to? Just get me a gift card instead.
✖️I know I should be supporting authors more, but buying a book new doesn’t really seem all that worth it when I’m probably only going to read it once. Plus, there has never been anything that I’ve been so desperate to read that I couldn’t wait to get from my library.
✖️Even when they’re free, tote bags are often terrible. They’re never the right size and hardly ever have extra pockets.
✖️If there is one thing that will almost always make me dislike a story, it’s dual narration, especially when the character names are used as chapter headings. Please just don’t.
✖️I may love true crime, but I just can’t get into mysteries and thrillers. I could literally read the same basic story and in one instance my brain is soaking up all the gory details and in the other it’s like “lol nope.”
✖️Physical arcs are great for Instagram, but once I’ve read them or the book’s been published, I unhaul them. They don’t seem like “real” books to me, and I don’t want them interfiled on my shelf.
✖️I don’t consider books sacred, like at all. I dog-ear pages, I underline, I crack spines, I read in the bathtub, and, at work, when there’s absolutely nothing more to be done, I throw them right in the recycle bin.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten: Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  1. Totally with you on ebooks, I’m reading them all the time at the moment! Also with you on books as gifts: what gets me is that I don’t normally get that much time for reading, and I feel totally guilty if I don’t get round to reading a book that was given to me as a gift!

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  2. Yeah, I haven’t had luck with free tote bags either. It’s a great idea, but I’m guessing it’s probably too expensive to give away ones that are actually durable and useful in the longterm.

    My TTT.


  3. I definitely feel you with the eARC thing! I never thought I’d love my Kindle as much as I do, but … I do. xD The highlighting is my favorite feature, because it makes going back to write reviews so much easier.

    Oooh, I love getting books as gifts, because everyone knows to just go look at my Amazon wishlist with all the books I want. xD You’ve just gotta train all your gift givers. ;)

    I have a similar problem with physical ARCs. I much prefer to just get an eARC. If I really like it, I’ll buy it. Otherwise, when I get a physical ARC, I feel so much pressure to get rid of it in just the right way lol. Great list!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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