Favorite Media

I thought that I might enjoy GLOW; I did not think that I would love it or speed through seasons one and two in only a couple of days. There was just something about the plot and the characters and the setting that made me want to do nothing else but watch. (I also feel lucky that I only have to wait a couple of months before season three drops!)

Technically, You Started It may have been my highest starred book from June, but Fix Her Up is the title that I keep off-handedly thinking about since I finished it almost a month ago. I still don’t love the ending, but now every romance book which includes sex just feels tame in comparison—Bailey really walked the edge between pornographic and explicit, but even when something was extra 😮, it never felt out-of-character or unearned.

Stuff I Added to My Queue

Lauren posted her most anticipated new releases for the second half of 2019, and it made me want to add The Babysitters Coven, The Bromance Book Club, and Would Like to Meet!

Blogging (and blog-hopping) has made me really conscious of how I’m okay with reading about bi or gay men but not bi or gay women. When I read the summary of It’s Not like It’s a Secret, I asked myself, “would I read this book if the protagonists weren’t both female?” and the answer was yes.

I’ve seen Waiting for Tom Hanks recommended before, but it was Hallie‘s ‘So You Want To Read Romance’ post that gave me that extra push I needed to check it out from the library.

A “brash, enlightening, and wildly entertaining feminist look at gendered language and the way it shapes us?” Yes please, Wordslut!

The Year We Fell Down was on a list of recommended sports romances from Book Riot, and the few reviews I read are pretty much glowing.

And some sequels! The Heir Affair, Supernova, and The Testaments.


  • Siobhan gave her two cents on ARCs for sale
  • Vicky posted a great discussion on problematic books and cancel culture

What were YOU up to in June? Let me know!

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