Favorite Media

I started streaming Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent one day and pretty much didn’t stop for weeks. There’s just something about someone with a gorgeous voice singing about their romantic pain (hello, “Someone like You“) that punches me right in the gut and makes my brain go ‘more more more’. If you’re feeling particularly low, Capaldi also does a fantastic cover of “when the party’s over.” 😭

Stuff I Added to My Queue

The Afterlife of Holly Chase isn’t a new book, but it popped up on my radar because it’s December and I guess I finally remembered to add it to my tbr?

I haven’t read any Megan McCafferty besides the Jessica Darling series but HOO BOY those books were my absolute favorites so yes of course I’m putting The Mall on my tbr.

A new Rebecca Solnit? Done and done.

Oooh, look, more books I added because Jen did a ‘Do Judge a Book by Its Cover‘ post πŸ™„: More Than Maybe, Today Tonight Tomorrow, and Verona Comics


What were YOU up to in November? Let me know!

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